Fran Drescher “The Nanny” appeals in the fight against toxins

Dear Friend,

Donate to EWG!

When it comes to fighting cancer, knowledge is power. I believe the more we know about the products we use and the environment that surrounds us, the better equipped we’ll be to take on this deadly disease.

That’s why I value EWG so much. EWG focuses on finding out the truth about the toxins and chemicals we face every day. Their research helps me choose the cosmetics, cell phones, cleaning products and produce that could lower my risk of cancer.

As president of the Cancer Schmancer Movement, I can’t imagine a world without EWG. If you also count on EWG’s groundbreaking, lifesaving research, then please join me in supporting them today.

There are just two more days until the December 31 deadline and they have just $20,305 more to raise to meet their 2010 budget. If they don’t, they might have to cut back on the research you and I depend on.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation of $10 or more to EWG today and they will send you a FREE Dirty Dozen shopping notepad as a thank you. They must raise $20,305 before the end of the year in order to have the funding they need for 2011.

After my experience with uterine cancer, I discovered the vast amount of carcinogens that are in products we use in our everyday lives. And with EWG’s help, I’ve been able to make better choices.

EWG showed me which sunscreens contain chemicals I should avoid. Their Skin Deep database helped me pinpoint the cosmetics and designer perfumes containing hidden toxins. And they taught me about the BPA lurking in metal cans, plastic bottles and even baby formula!

But EWG doesn’t stop there. EWG will continue to transform markets by calling out companies who use troubling chemicals and keeping people informed with credible, straightforward information. And we’ve seen the changes already. Immediately after the release of EWG’s fourth annual Sunscreen Guide, which recommended just eight percent of products tested and disclosed the possible hazards of vitamin A on the skin, at least three sunscreen brands were reformulated.

If you’re like me, you appreciate all EWG has done to keep you and your family safe and healthy, and you’re counting on them to keep on doing their important research and lobbying. So please donate to EWG today and help them reach their end-of-the-year goal so they’ll have the funding they need to conduct all of their 2011 research.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation of $10 or more to EWG today. Help them raise just $20,305 more before the end of the year so they can keep doing the research you’ve come to count on. And they will send you a FREE Dirty Dozen shopping notepad!

I depend on EWG — as an activist, a cancer survivor and a consumer. Without them, I’d be in the dark about many consumer products that could affect my health and well-being. If you feel like I do, then please make your donation today.


Fran Drescher

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