All wrapped up in love -A Real Life Bridget Jones

One day Melissa in Victoria suddenly realised why Bridget Jones Diary was her favourite movie………………She was Bridget Jones!

Not exactly as Melissa has two children from a previous relationship and the big four-O was just around the corner, but here love life was remarkably similar to that of the ever forlorn Bridget.

It was hard running your own business and looking after two young children, so regular visits to the gym were not on top of the priority list.

But Melissa had done that before anyway and after hours of effort and sweat just when she was looking her best……..Mr Right decided to hide his light under a bushel.
Her self confidence took a battering and she had done the usual walks along the beach alone and fully clothed somewhat hoping Mr Right would magically appear from the ocean

And guess what just when a potential Mr Right came along Melissa had not been to the gym for months and not comfortable with her body image did not give the signals to Mr Right.

She was almost beyond despair when a friend recommended the International Body Wrap for an instant fix when it was needed the most.

Mel decided it was time for action and had a series of International Body Wraps.

“ I had never felt or looked better” quipped Melissa and I lost 32 cms with the first wrap and a further 32 cms after a further two wraps. It would have taken me hours and weeks in the Gym to do that. Obviously my confidence grew and the jeans and tee shirt were replaced by smart tight-fitting skirts and power suits.

Mel still had to do the school runs and she had often noticed one of the fathers Greg who would collect his kids every other day. Truth be known she had a bit of a crush on him, but because she was so unhappy with her body shape, she never had the courage to speak with him. And he had never previously given her a second look.

But now with her new found confidence and stylish dressing Greg had started to notice and the “connection” started with an exchange of hesitant smiles.

This seemed to go for weeks but Mel was a different girl now since here course of International Body Wraps and decided to strike up a conversation about homework.

Suddenly the conversations turned from discussions about homework to invites for tea and then dinner where she discovered Greg was going through a very messy divorce, and as they say the rest is history. Greg and I are an item now and with his 3 children and my two we have a very active and fulfilling family life.

I could not be happier and I feel I have the International Body Wrap for that, not only did it help re-shape my body in double quick time, my skin felt great and I had much more confidence.

My friends also commented I did not look as tired and had more of a sparkle in my eye, and when I mentioned this to my IBW therapist she said this was common due to the large amount of toxins that were being removed from my body with the International Body Wrap.

However I must admit being content is not good for the waistline and six months later I have put on a few of the lost cms, but Greg does not seem to care as we are so much in love.

But I have booked for some more sessions of the International Body Wrap for Mothers Day, it’s a present to myself and Greg of course” she said with a wry smile.

Real; Life Bridget Jones

Click on Image to find out more on how Melissa Changed Her Life

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