Injured Gold Coast Marathon Runners have new hope

With the great event only a few weeks away, doctors and physiotherapists waiting rooms are filled with Marathon entrants who have sustained injuries while training, and time is working against them in an effort to be injury free for the big race. Hovever hope is at hand with the revolutionary shock wave therapy system now available on the Gold Coast.  Whilst Shock Waves have been used for decades in hospitals for the disintegration of Kidney Stones, the technology has now advanced to cure a whole range of muscoskeletal injuries.

With success rates as high as 92% for plantar fasciitis, the treatment is also extremely effective on Heel Spurs, Patellar Tendonitus and Achilles problems. Normally up to three 15 minute treatment sessions are required on an outpatient basis.  Local Distributor Totally U International  can be contacted on  1 300 304  734  or for more information please visit.

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