Recession is upon us and will separate Winners from Losers.

Welcome to the first in a six part series of how to take advantage of marketing opportunities in a retail recession and I hope with this free research we are able to offer some assistance to Salon Owners in the difficult times we are experiencing.

It is not just Beauty Salons who are suffering but all forms of retail and tourism and we will show you how you can design low cost and no cost marketing ideas in partnership with other retailers so you can all benefit.

Those of you who have your email address registered on our system for some time will recall recieving our newsletters from 2008 will have been receiving our e-mails on the coming recession and will have seen that the predictions I made are now coming to pass with a retail recession that will lead to a great many of salons going out of business.

One of the key rules I have followed in Marketing for over 20 years is that the customer will buy from you when they are READY TO BUY not necessarily when YOU WANT TO SELL.

But for many of you that is actually good news as it reduces competition and the WINNERS in this shakeout can actually increase their business.

When the economy starts dipping downward, companies too often cut back on marketing activities, hoping to simply weather the storm. But some experienced marketeers view recessions as opportunities to grow market share and strengthen their business. As competitors reduce their marketing activities, proactive companies have the opportunity to actually gain market share.

One of the key rules I have followed in Marketing for over 20 years is that the customer will buy from you when they are READY TO BUY not necessarily when YOU WANT TO SELL. That is why it is fairly pointless to issue single and sporadic advertising.

“when the customer is READY TO BUY then your name will be firmly fixed in the customers mind.”

Some of Australia’s most successful retailers McDonalds and Harvey Norman have regular advertising campaigns as they know that when the customer is READY TO BUY then their name will be firmly fixed in the customers mind.

We would not even CONSIDER an advertising campaign unless it had at least 3 impressions and our general average was a minimum of 6 as typically it would take an average of 5 impressions to maximise sales.A study conducted by professors at the
universities of Texas at
Austin and Pennsylvania State and reported on in the “International Journal of Research in
Marketing” found that organisations that
maintain proactive marketing programs during a recession actually achieve business results
superior to those achieved prior to the economic decline.
Businesses able to maintain their marketing
efforts during a recession benefit when
competitors cut back, resulting in a decrease in advertising “noise.” That makes the messages still reaching customers louder and clearer, improving the chances that your brand’s message will be heard.

If you want to come through this recession as one of the WINNERS I would like to think I can assist you with this process.

In following issues we will look at :-

1) A study to show how companies who continued to market throughout a recession not only maintained business at previous levels throughout an economic down turn but also grew their business by a whopping 250%

2)One of the most successful tools in advertising is a USP which is a unique selling point.

3) The simlarity between a Beauty Salon and a Boeing A380

4) How to make your customers into a cost free marketing manager…………and much more.

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