It’s almost summer and cellulite is ruining my life” – new calculator lets women decide

Free and easy to use on-line Cellulite Calculator allows women to decide just how much cellulite affects their lives.

With summer upon us, and shorter hem-lines and beachwear being the required dress, it is also a time of extreme frustration for many women.

The “orange peel” dimpling appearance commonly known as cellulite, which affects up to 90% of adult females, is not just a physical problem, but for many women it is also an emotional problem. While many in the medical profession may consider cellulite as insignificant, for many women it is an extremely uncomfortable condition, affecting many different areas of their lives, including choice of everyday clothing, beachwear and even relationships.

The search term “Cellulite” generates a combined total of over 30 million internet queries each year, between Google, Bing, Yahoo and secondary search engines, and women are overloaded with marketing campaigns, promoting the latest “miracle cream or lotion” in the ongoing battle against cellulite.

Kevin Laverick, Marketing Manager at Totally U International, commented: “With research group Mintel finding that British women alone spend almost $100 million every year on supposedly ‘dimple destroying’ products, it is estimated that annual global spending on cellulite products comfortably exceeds several billion dollars, and yet none of these products to date have produced any statistically significant long term improvements.

“Cellulite is in fact a medical problem, and not a cosmetic problem and with a new generation of salon/clinic treatments utilising shock waves, laser, radio frequency and ultrasound, there have been some promising results.”

Many women are unsure how much cellulite really affects their overall lifestyle, so remain vulnerable to slick marketing campaigns for cellulite products that focus on their uncertainty.  Hope is at hand with this free online calculator, which can offer each individual an accurate response to their particular level of comfort or discomfort with cellulite, and then receive information on local outlets that offer the latest technology.

Log on to  (Patent Pending) to complete a 2 minute questionnaire and receive your individual results.  is designed to accommodate a world-wide database, with salons and clinics that offer a new generation of cellulite treatments.  Salons are welcome to apply to add their details to the database.

About Totally U International

Totally U is also the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for Acoustic Wave Therapy, the recently unveiled medical treatment for Cellulite from Storz Medical Ag of Switzerland. Acoustic Wave Therapy is the first medical treatment to target all four causes of Cellulite being the shortened and in-elastic connective tissue, thinning dermis, enlarged fat cells and diminished circulation.

Totally U has been the market leader in slimming and detoxifying body wraps since 1996 having been responsible for over 250,000 satisfied customers throughout Australia with initially the Universal Contour Wrap™ (Australia) and the recently re-branded International Body Wrap™ in readiness for international distribution

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