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So how does a mother feel when her baby is dead from vaccines?

So how does a mother feel when her baby is dead from vaccines and all she hears from doctors, the government and media is that vaccines are safe and effective? Vaccination killed him, I have no doubt. If he crawled … Continue reading

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Australia Addicted to Prescription drugs

Totally U announces Free Online Calculator for instant Toxin Check.   Recent  government figures reveal a staggering increase in annual medical prescriptions from 180 million in 1996 to 262 million in 2008 representing a 46% growth in the period, and … Continue reading

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Scientists find Rocket Fuel Chemical in Infant Formula

Researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that 15 brands of powdered infant formula are contaminated with perchlorate, a rocket fuel component detected in drinking water in 28 states and territories. The two most … Continue reading

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Hair Straightening Increases Cancer Risk

Washington, D.C. – The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a health hazard alert to salons nationwide about the risks that popular hair straightening products, including well-known Brazilian Blowout, pose to salon workers and customers. The agency warned … Continue reading

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A simple explanation of Carbon Tax and the minimal effect Australia can have

Let’s put this into a bit of perspective for laymen! ETS is another tax. It is equal to putting up the GST to 12.5% which would be unacceptable and produce an outcry. Read the following analogy and you will realize … Continue reading

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